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What Information Do I Need to Take to the Airport

Wherever you are travelling to, it's important to have the correct information with you. This makes your travelling easy and simple. Most importantly, you need to take identification that has a photo, such as a driving license or a passport if you are travelling internationally. With this single piece of information, airlines are able to work out where you are travelling. Without it, airlines are Read More...

How to Eat at an Airport When you're on a Diet

When eating at an airport, you're confronted by hundreds of fast food options. How can you eat healthy food when at an airport. Airports, being entertainment and dining zones just as much as a mall or city street these days, are full of fast-food restaurants. Not that they deserve the title of restaurant for the sort of food that they serve, but they are there and they are likely to be the most c Read More...

How to Wake Up to Ensure you Don't Miss a Flight

The most important thing about getting a flight, even more important than remembering your passport or luggage, is waking up. Here are some tips. Even flights from Omaha to Phoenix will not wait for you if you sleep in too late. Delaying a flight is not something the airline is prepared to do, to you've got to wake up in time. This may seem like a simple task, but I'm sure you can think of a numb Read More...


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